From “DeFi summer” to “crypto winter”: leverage, liquidations and policy implications

Decentralised Finance or ‘DeFi’ is the latest development in the crypto-asset space, and claims the potential to replicate the traditional financial system in an open, decentralised, permissionless and autonomous way, through applications built on the blockchain. Given the rapid growth of DeFi and commensurate risks, OECD’s Iota Nassr highlights why policy makers need to monitor this market closely and eventually take action to mitigate emerging risks.

Leveraging fintech to enhance integrity in public finance

Within the context of the 2019 OECD Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum, which will explore how governments, organisations, and citizens can leverage new technologies to foster trust and enhance transparency and accountability,  the New Development Bank is looking at fintech applications for promoting integrity in public finance. Blog by the New Development Bank's Chief of Compliance, Dr … Continue reading Leveraging fintech to enhance integrity in public finance