Rising to the challenge of competition enforcement in digital markets

Regulation and competition enforcement in digital markets are hot topics as regulators become increasingly concerned about the market power and growing influence of large digital platforms. Philip Marsden shares his thoughts on how best to deal with anticompetitive conduct and transactions in digital markets and the role the OECD can play in designing effective rules and enforcement initiatives.

The important role of competition authorities in promoting competitive neutrality

The competition policy community often focuses on the actions of companies, but the state may also adopt measures that significantly distort the competitive landscape. In the run-up to the 2021 Global Forum on Competition, the OECD’s Jordi Calvet Bademunt and Sophie Flaherty analyse how state intervention can affect competitive neutrality and the main tools available to competition authorities to help ensure a level playing field.

What can economics contribute to abuse of dominance investigations?

Any investigation by competition authorities of an alleged case of abuse of dominance by firms with substantial market power will be informed, at least in some part, by economics. OECD’s Richard May explores the role economics plays in competition enforcement and highlights some of the complexities and options relating to its effective use in the run-up to the 2021 Global Forum on Competition.

Ukraine’s e-procurement system can help Ukrenergo to foster competition and fight bid rigging

By Mariia Melnyk One of the biggest risks to the integrity and lawfulness of public procurement is bidder collusion, also called bidder conspiracies or cartels. Cartels engage in price fixing and this is often accompanied by a decline in quality and innovation. OECD research shows that public procurement averages around 12% of GDP across OECD … Continue reading Ukraine’s e-procurement system can help Ukrenergo to foster competition and fight bid rigging

Sustainability and competition law: moving beyond the conflict narrative towards a structured debate

Should competition law take sustainable development goals into account and, if so, how can this be done? Julian Nowag highlights that many competition authorities are already addressing these questions and posits that sustainability and competition goals may not necessarily be in conflict ahead of the 2021 OECD Competition Open Day discussion on the topic.