On the level is dedicated to the quest for a “level playing field” for government, business and society. We should know a thing or two about it. The Financial Times has credited the OECD as the likely inventor of the term decades ago. Indeed, working towards a level playing field is one of the great cross-cutting themes of our institution.

The strict definition of a level playing field is a market or industry in which all participants compete under the same conditions. But a level playing field also refers to conditions of basic fairness and equality of opportunity within our societies. Both interpretations have their place at On the Level.

Governments and global markets cannot function correctly unless all players operate on a level playing field. This blog offers a platform for open and informed discussion on the many policy areas that contribute to making this happen. It draws on contributions from policy makers, opinion leaders, experts, private sector and civil society representatives in all countries and across all policy areas.


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